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Terms of use

By using this Website and placing an order with, you agree that you have read and understood the following terms and conditions and agree to follow them. The Privacy Policy is also part of these terms and conditions. You also agree that the following rules and conditions comprise our whole agreement.’s primary goal is to give original answers that fit your academic level and subject, which you can use however you want. We are not responsible for what happens to the information after it leaves our end. We don’t have any deals with any institutions or bodies. Conversely, you agree to tell us everything we need to know about your task. For example, we can’t be held responsible if you choose a cheaper academic level and don’t do well on the task. You also agree that after the 14-day revision, you won’t be able to make any claims about the assignment or any problems that might arise.


From here on, this document:

“Website” should be read as “”

“Client” and “Customer” should mean and refer to anyone who has placed an order on the Website.

“Paper” and “Product” should be understood as unique studies or advice the customer gets based on their orders.

“Order” means the desire for services that will be done. The page explains how this request will be handled, so that is how it will be done. Between 275 and 300 words could fit on a page.

Children under the age of 16 shouldn’t use this Website.
1. We do not take any information (including personal information) on purpose from children under the age of sixteen (16). Our Website, the information on our Website, and/or our Services are not meant for children under sixteen (16).


2. By continuing to use our Services, you agree that (a) any information you give us is accurate and true; (b) you will keep this information up-to-date; (c) you are at least 18 years old and can legally be bound by any agreements; and (d) when you use our Website, you follow any applicable law or regulation.

3. If you want to order our services on behalf of a company, enterprise, or other institution, then (i) “you” as used here means both you and that company, enterprise, or other institution, and (ii) you represent and warrant that you are authorized to bind this company, organization, or other entity to our contract (which includes these Terms) and that you accept our terms in this document as a representative of yourself and the company, enterprise, or other institution.

4. By buying or using our Services, you agree that we can stop providing them at any time, without notice, if you break these Terms or if we think you don’t meet any or all of the promises and/or warranties listed in these Terms.


5. All the different products this business may sell are meant only for personal use and research or as a reference. It is okay for the customer to submit or share the work again under their own name. We don’t take responsibility if the client doesn’t learn the information in the order.

6. Once you, the customer, have paid for the order and downloaded the written task, they own the entire order.

7. The company ensures that the paper given to the client is never published, resold, or used in any other way.

8. Unless the client says otherwise, This company has the right to use any appropriate sources to complete the study, including journals, books, interviews, newspapers, and online sources. The customer must send us a fax or scanned copy if a certain source is to be used. We can only promise it will be used if the reference is easy to find online.

9. The company’s work is meant to be used as a reference or for study. Because of this, we guarantee the quality of the order. But we can’t promise the client a grade in the end.

10. The company can’t be held responsible for any direct or secondary costs that might come up because a customer chose to use’s services.

11. The client is responsible for giving clear briefings and providing all extra materials. If you don’t do this quickly, the payment might not be processed immediately.

12. The company can’t promise a 100% guarantee for orders that need to be done quickly (within 48 hours) and are longer than 8 pages.

13. The agreement is thought to be over once the payment has been made and proven that the money has been put into the company’s account.


Here are the situations in which a customer can get a refund:

15. Plagiarism . We only do unique work that is not copied from other sources. To make sure of this, we check every order for copying.

16. However, if the customer finds considerable parts plagiarised, they can get their money back in full.

17. A full refund will be given if more than 10% of the study is found to have been copied and consistent proof of this is provided.

Order Cancellation

18. Your order is usually assigned to an academic expert within an hour of the final placement order. So, the whole amount can’t be given back.

19. If the customer stops the order before it has been given to an expert, only 80% of the initial payment is made. The other 20% covers the cost of the transaction.

20. If the order is canceled after it has been given to a writer, the amount that will be refunded can be up to 60% of the amount paid. The amount that will be refunded will depend on how far the work has already gone.

Choosing not to do the research
21. Our team can do any research work, but you will get your money back in full if this is yet to happen. We will also give the customer a discount on any other sales they make in the future.